Seaside Residences in Singapore is Launching Soon

A Residence is not a residence unless it gives you the best of experience. After a rigorous research about the real estates and having gathered an adequate amount of information about what a large number of people are looking for in Real-estate, I’ve come to a finale that the best real estate information to share with you today is about the Seaside Residences in Singapore.

Seaside residences Singapore is the newest launch to watch out for

Have ever asked yourself why a significant number of people go for beach plots regardless of them being pricey? Certainly, you have asked this question, and if you have ever been to the beach before, you have the answer right with you. It’s simple; beach plots are located at the seaside and as you already know, everything about being at the seashore is captivating. These things include:

• The sea breeze which gives you more than fresh air

• An amazingly cool environment

• The sea view is always stunning and creates a breathtaking sensation in your whole being.

Needless to say, I spend almost all my holidays around the seashore, and I am always excited about everything on the seaside.

There are 100’s of 100’s of things exhilarating about the seaside but since my main aim for this article is to share with you about the seaside residences in Singapore, let’s stop at that point and continue with the subject of the day.

Singapore seaside residences will launch soon

About the Seaside Residences in Singapore


Seaside residences in Singapore is a full of promises condo that is anticipated to be opened early 2017.

The project is being conducted by Frasers Centrepoint who are renowned developers in Singapore. Frasers Centrepoint has developed many amazing projects a thing that has kept their reputation indisputably famous. You can, therefore, be assured that there is no room for speculations in this project since it is conducted by professionals and quality design is guaranteed.

Other parties involved in this project include:

• Keong Hong Holdings unit

• Sekisui houses in partnership with Frasers

About these residences in Singapore

These Seaside Residences will be a 27 story building with an estimate of roughly 840 units to face the seaside. This means that if you are of the lucky to reside in one of the 840 units you are assured of enjoying everything about the sea view we talked about at the beginning of this article. These seaside residences, therefore, could be the best choice for you, if you are either an investor residing in Singapore, a tourist or you want to settle in this Singapore sea viewpoint. It gives you a chance to enjoy the perfect view of the beautiful creation of the blue waters and the blue sky while still in this perfect residence.



Location and why Seaside Residences

The residence is located between the towns Marine Parade and Bedok. This location means that you need not worry about where to do your shopping since you can either decide to shop from parkway parade or 112 Katong malls which are in these two main towns.

As well, as you drive from Siglap which is the exact location of the residences, you will notice a stream of countless shops along the road. It is, therefore, confirmed that the worry about where you are going to shop is a nonissue while you reside in this milieu.

Moreover, I cannot ignore to inform you of the fact that above andbeyond, there are many eating stations and cafes leaving you with the whole portion of freedom to choose where you’re to enjoy yourself. The moving fact about seaside residences is that it is located a short distance from the city center if you got through the parkway on the east park (ECP). You need to take a short ride to Marina Bay and the raffle place.

In a nutshell, the environment around these seaside residences is favoring and has a lot to offer for your contentment. These residences are therefore recommended, and it could be wise for you if you made arrangements on time. Make a plan and visit the showflat if you are interested in residing in these residences.seaside residences Singapore is the perfect location for your residence

Did you know that in rare cases can you get a clear view in Singapore without getting blocked by a building? This fact is an incontrovertible fact and a fact that makes me think this residences in Singapore a great topic to talk about since it bestows you with this rare opportunity let alone of having a clear view in Singapore without being blocked but a clear beach view. That’s interesting, don’t you think?

You need to know all the all the units facing southerner side gives you a clear sea view and a view to the East Coast Park which is an unusual happening in Singapore as I said above.

If you think, that the spectacular view is all that seaside residences in Singapore has to offer, then you are wrong because it also gives you an opportunity to enjoy the sea waters by the sense of feeling. By this, I mean that, if you like swimming and I know you do, you just need to take a safe pathway to the East Coast beach which is just across the residence area.

The fresh air from the northern side is not blocked too! This situation is because, on the northern side of these residences in Singapore, you find the field of the Victoria school and the school buildings which are not tall enough to block the moving air into the residence area.

seaside residences Singapore is the newest condo that is launching this year

You are keen to know whether seaside residences in Singapore, is a mature estate. Well, that’s not a surprise since it is also an important factor to consider in real estates. The answer is yes, seaside residences in Singapore is a mature estate. The residence is surrounded by many facilities and learning institutions. The area, therefore, makes sure that all the aspects of your life from pleasure to the services, is complete.

Do you love seafood? The seaside residences in Singapore is the place to be, on the east coast side of this area (Siglap), you find a broad range of sea delicacies that you cannot avoid tasting if you love seafood.

Of course, it’s impossible to cover the whole information about these residences in one article, you, therefore, need to make an effort and register for the seaside residences in Singapore showflat presentation for the aggregate information about seaside residences in Singapore.

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