Helpful Tips for Puppy obedience Training in Singapore

Puppy obedience training in Singapore is a process that helps teach puppies to develop the right manners. This is a process that requires to start when the puppy is still very young, so that it can grow knowing the accepted behaviors and those that are not accepted. Therefore, you should never delay the training until your puppy has grown up because the training might be even more challenging. Your puppy is adorable, but it is good to note that it might not just listen to whatever you say. The pup might just want to do. However, with the right puppy obedience training in Singapore, it will be on track and make you happy. Below are some great tips that will help you succeed in your puppy obedience training.

Early learning is perfect

One of the top puppy training tips is to start training your puppy on training as early as you can. It is worth noting that puppies are more receptive to whatever they are taught between eight and twelve weeks old. They can be compared with a sponge that has the ability to accommodate a lot of things. So, if you have not started training your puppy on obedience, this is the high time to begin.

puppy obedience training in Singapore

Have Your Puppy obedience Training in Singapore in a quiet place

Puppy obedience training in Singapore should not be undertaken in a place where there are a lot of things that are going on. It is also good to note that training a puppy who is misbehaving or has never undergone training will take a longer time. You should never train it when the kids are around to avoid distractions that might make the learning process difficult for your puppy. The puppy will not listen to you because of the difficulties in focusing its attention on you or the trying you are striving to provide. The best option you have is to find a silent corner that is far away from other people or in another room where both of you can focus on the task at hand.

Be consistent

Consistency is vital for your puppy obedience training. Since your puppy is still very young, it will be hard for it to understand what you want straight away. It is your duty to make the life of your puppy easier and assist it to understand. To ensure this happens, make sure that your commands and instructions are consistent and clear. Incase some one else takes over the training, ensure that they use the same words you use to your puppy to ensure that there is no confusion. You should never set your puppy for failure. The best way to do this is to select simple and short words.

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Select a release word

A release word refers to the word that will help release your puppy from a previous command you have given. When you use a release word during the puppy obedience training, you tell it that it is time to stop what it is doing and do something else. You need to feel free to select any word that you feel comfortable with as long as it is not similar with other command words that you use.

Consider your tone of voice

As you offer a command to your puppy, the tone of voice you use is very vital. The puppy obedience training in Singapore session should offer a lot of fun for your pet. However, your tone of voice should be firm and low. You should also demonstrate high level confidence when giving the commands. Give the command in a no nonsense manner, do show that it is an instruction you are providing, but not a request.You need to change your tone to a more fun, lighter, when you are heaping praise when it does things right.

Allow positive reinforcement to rule

It is important that you reward your puppy for demonstrating the desired behavior with something that is pleasant. This is a sure way to motivate your puppy to move on with that good behavior in the future. The reward and praise you give to your dog should be offered within two seconds of his behavior for it to bring the desired effects to the puppy. In case you leave it for a longer time your puppy will not be able to link the behavior with the reward making it ineffective. One thing you will need to note is that positive reinforcement should not involve harsh punishment.

puppy obedience training in singapore

When the puppy gets it wrong

Puppy obedience training in Singapore is not easy and it might take time before the puppy can understand what you require from it. This is because there are times that your puppy will not get it right. When you realise that your puppy is not understanding you can stop for a while and do something that offers fun and then try giving the instruction later on. You should never reward your puppy if it fails to get something right or for behaving in the wrong way. This will ensure that you do not reinforce this unwanted or naughty behavior. It can be a bit frustrating if your puppy always gets things wrong. However, the last thing that you would want to do in such situations is to scold, smack or get angry. It is always advisable to give the puppy more time to connect.

Take your time before you try again

During the puppy obedience training in Singapore, you need to repeat a certain command until you get confident that the puppy has mastered it. Do not move to another command until the puppy masters the current one. Do not be too harsh with your puppy because it is only young and in the learning process. Patience is key to success of your puppy obedience training. The other bad thing you can do when doing the Puppy obedience training is to give up because you feel that your puppy might not understand. Be motivated at all times to make sure that you succeed to attain the puppy obedience training goals.

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