Smart Ways to Come up with a Great HDB Interior Design

If you have a hdb interior design project in Singapore, it is good that you understand how you can undertake it and attain the results that you desire to have. You will want your hdb to show out your personality, demonstrate high level beauty and elegance. In addition, you would want it to provide you with high level comfort according to your desired lifestyle. To assist you come up with a great hdb interior design, here are some tips you need to follow.

HDB Interior Design


If you have a small space, it means that you have to ensure that you maximize on fitting. This is because it will be very hard to purchase all the items and furniture you need. You can add multi purpose cabinets, shelves and drawers and then fit them under your bed, on walls or in corners. This will help you save on space and also bring out style. For your hdb interior design, it is necessary that you avoid having unnecessary fittings to ensure that you do not have a feel of clutter. You should add hangings and mirrors to develop a feel of more space and buy equipment with other functionality other than the once intended. For instance, you can decide to have a table that has an inbuilt bookshelf.


If you have a very dark room, the more it will look crowded and also make it feel bad. As you carry out your interior design project, it is vital that you use colors that are pale, bright and neutral. Make sure that you have a good combination of your fittings, décor, walls and other home items in order to bring up a serene environment. You do not want to do the interior designing work and then make your space look miserable. You must ensure that you have a serene environment that has a lot of tranquility.


The trend that is popular in the modern days when it comes to hdb interior design is to make use of bold colors to bring more life. A single brightly colored furniture or a great antique can do you a lot of justice to you during your project.

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You should never place a lot of items on your floor and it is also important that you avoid making it dirty to develop a feeling of tidiness and more space. You should select rugs, carpets and tiles that complement your walls. It is a great choice to have wooden floors and there are several options from bamboo, concrete and wall to wall carpeting. As you carry out hdb interior design, you need to put efforts to harmonize your choice with your furniture and other fittings. This helps in emphasizing feeling of tranquility and comfort.


This is one of the most important factors that you have to put in mind when undertaking the project. It is also where you need to put much of your energy. Dark rooms always provide feeling of enclosure, small space and do not provide the right mood to relax or even work with. It is also good to note that everyone is going green, so it is vital to make use of much natal light as you can instead of switching your bulb all night and day. When you use natural light, you end up saving a lot of power bills. As suggested above, it is also advisable to use mirrors that help in reflection of a lot of natural light.

Use paint

Painting your walls is a great step that you can take in your hdb interior design. By doing the right painting you will be able to create a great atmosphere and mood. To do this effectively, you will need to know the colors to apply, how and where. You understand that in case you have white walls, they might look very lifeless and cold. This is why it is important to use different colors when doing the painting. Make use of bright colors such as green to bring up a refreshing effect and blue to make your room look more relaxing. In case you are not sure about the colors to use, you can try different samples to find out the ones that work perfectly for your wall.

hdb interior design Singapore

Furniture and layout

For a perfect interior design, you will require search for a great combination between old and modern furniture. It is advisable that you make use of different variations and then look for some great colors that will bring all these things together. For instance, you can try pairing a modern black couch with blue wingback chairs and be sure to put while pillows on it. To make the hdb interior design more interesting, you can apply an antique element that has a colour that you like. By doing this, you will come up with an environment that is very comfortable and neat to look.

Find a balance

You might want your interior design to be unique and this is why it is necessary to look for a perfect balance between furniture and colour. For instance, you need to use darker type of furniture in case you have light colored wall. In case you have large pieces of furniture in your home, you can try to bring balance by ensuring that they are well distributed, so do not put them on the same side.

Ambience lighting

Ambience lighting is very vital in your hdb interior design so that you can highlight different areas. It offers general illumination that is perfect. It is possible for you to come up with any forms of atmosphere that you need, making your room more intimate, hospitable and a more relaxing place.

Just like in any other projects if you feel that you cannot come up with a great hdb interior design, it is always advisable that you hire an expert to help you in the process. This will ensure that you save time, money and also be able to attain that design that you have always aspired to have.

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