A Comprehensive Guide to Ecommerce Website Design in Singapore

Ecommerce in Singapore is a very competitive industry in Singapore. This is because your rivals are just no more than a single click away. In case a customer does not like your website, they will just move on to other sites to purchase the products they are looking for. In case you want to get a lot of customers and get their attention, you have to ensure that your site is usable and customer friendly. It will not matter if you offer your products at a low price or have the best products in the market because in case your customers get confused as they navigate your site, it will be hard for you to reach your target. Usability means that your users have the ability to make the buying process as fast as possible. To help you, here are some tips to help in ecommerce website design in Singapore.

ecommerce website design in singapore

Have a sign up button and call to action

One of the greatest ecommerce website design in Singapore tip is to make sure that you avoid long sign up forms that can make several pages of your site. You should also avoid having a long registration process before visitors can register successfully. You just need to request them for their email and a password instead of asking them for their phone number, address and their occupation. You should not underestimate the call to action buttons because this goes a long way in creating higher rates of conversion and boost your website usability.

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Another great ecommerce website design in Singapore tip is to ensure that your call to action stand out. You should consider the size of the button, color, positioning and wording. The call to action button should be very clear that will be unique from your site background. In addition, it is good to consider local language to make your site friendlier to customers from all locations.

Let your customers buy without registering

One of the things that most online shoppers do not like is the tedious sign up process before they can do the buying. A great ecommerce website design in Singapore is to allow users to look out products without having to register and then ask them if they would like to sign up to make it easier to make purchase in your site. This is a great way to help you increase sales, boost customer retention and minimize cart abandonment.

Search function

The functionality of the search assists customers to get what they are looking for, making experience when shopping more satisfactory. In your ecommerce website design in Singapore you should include a lot of products sold and should be added to the category refinement. This makes the search process faster and allows your buyers to get what they are looking for.

Good navigation

When your customers are placing order, they need to know where they stand during the buying process. They need to know the number of steps they have accomplished and the ones that are left. Without a good navigation process, it is possible for your customers to get bored and think that the shopping procedures will take a very long time. This will make them to abandon their purchases, thus you end up losing a lot of money in the process. With breadcrumb navigation, it is possible for your customers to get back to a previous step and edit any mistakes they might have made without the need to go back to the start of the process. If you have a process that makes your customers go back to the beginning, there are high chances that they will stop and give up on the entire process altogether.

Shopping cart

Your ecommerce website design in Singapore will not be complete if it does not have the right content management and security of your personal details. A great ecommerce website design in Singapore tip is to make that your site makes your customers develop trust and confidence in buying your products. This means that you will need to give them assurance that your website is reputable with features that will help protect their privacy. You can do this by a trust certificate to help develop customer trust and give enhanced shopping security.

Include suggested related items

It is good to have other related items on your site in order to help your customers save time. For example, if you sell laptops make sure that you include other related items such as accessories, batteries and other peripheral products. This will not only help your customers save time, but also make your customers have the best experience as they do the shopping. It will also help boost revenue and levels of customer retention on your ecommerce website in Singapore.

ecommerece website design Singapore

Hidden charges

One of the best tips for ecommerce website design in Singapore is ensuring that there are no hidden charges. Customers hate agreeing on the price of the products they are looking for just to realise in the long end that they will have to pay something extra above what they have agreed. Most of them realise this when they share their credit card details. This means that if you want to attract and retain high number of customers you should display taxes, prices, discounts, shipping charges and others. This ensures that your customers understand the final price they will be paying for. Incase you present your customers with a lot of unexplained costs; they will just leave and stop their purchase and lose the trust they have in your ecommerce website.

To make sure that you get the best results from your ecommerce website design in Singapore, you should hire a professional company to create the site for you. There are many professional ecommerce web developers in Singapore who can assist you in the process. Look for the one with a good reputation and also great experience in this industry. Take your time to seek for referrals from those who have succeeded in the ecommerce field, to guide you on the best company you should hire and the best way to succeed in your business too.

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