Top Tips on Dog Training in Singapore

Your dog is one of the best companions you might have in your home in Singapore. This is a pet that if it is well trained, it can offer you great companion that you might not get from other pets that you have. Dog training Singapore is not as hard as you might think. Just as it takes less time and efforts to train your child, you will be amazed that you might still take the same time to train your dog. To help you get the best results and avoid frustrations during your dog training in Singapore, here are some of the tricks you need to apply.

Take time to listen to your dog

During dog training in Singapore, it is important to take your time to learn to listen to your dog. In case you realise that your dog is not comfortable when it meets another dog, person or animal, do not insist that he has to interact with them. This is a good sign that that he is not comfortable for a specific reason and you need to respect that. Forcing the dog to be comfortable when he feels otherwise can lead to bigger problems even during dog training in Singapore.

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Show generosity with your affection

A large number of people do not have any problem showing clearly when they are not happy with their dogs. However, they ignore the good stuff. One of the most important things as you conduct dog training in Singapore is to give your dog a lot of focus when he does a great thing. Let the dog know when he is doing something great. This is the perfect time for you to be more generous with your praise and attention. This will act as a motivation to your dog to continue behaving in the right manner and adapt such good habits.

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Tell the dog what you want it to do

Just as you do with your child, there is nothing wrong in telling your dog no except that this does not provide enough detail to the dog. Instead of telling your dog no, you need to tell him what you would like him to do. It is good to note that dogs do not generalize, so tell him exactly what you expect him to do in order to avoid bringing in confusion. During dog training in Singapore, you have to be very clear on what you expect from your dog.

Observe consistency

Any time that you are doing Singapore dog training, it is important to get as many members of your family involved. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page during the training. It is also important to do this so that you do not give your dog conflicting instruction at the same time and make it to be more confused. Consistency is very important if you have to realise the goals you have set for your dog training in Singapore.

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Create realistic expectations

It is good to note that changing behavior is a process that takes time. Therefore, you must have realistic expectations about changing the behavior of your dog. It is also good to be realistic on the duration it will take to change those behaviors that you do not like. One of the best ways is to consider the duration that the dog has taken to learn a certain behavior in order to determine how long it might take to stop it. If the dog has taken a long time rehearse a certain behavior, the longer it will take to stop the behavior too. During dog training in Singapore you need to note that it is never too late to change the behaviors because some might take a longer time than others.

Feed your dog with high quality food

Your dog requires to be fed on a high quality diet with the right amounts of protein. In case your dog takes much of his time lounging in your house, you should never feed it with the amount of protein that is right for dog who spends most of their time herding sheep. The amount of money you spend feeding the right food quality might be the money that you will save on veterinary bill later on. It is advisable that you check with your vet the right amount of food to feed your dog. A dog that is fed well is likely to learn faster than that is deficient of the right nutrients during dog training in Singapore.

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Note that you get what you reinforce

When doing Singapore dog training, reinforcement will play a vital role in the success of the training. In case your dog shows a behavior that you do not like, there is a strong likelihood that there is something that you have not reinforced. Just like reinforcement is used in classes to allow children learn more effectively, the same must happen in dog training in Singapore. Reinforce a behavior that you would want your dog to adapt and discourage those that you do not like.

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It is important that you allow your dog to slowly earn freedom throughout your home during dog training in Singapore. A great mistake that many people make is giving their dog too much freedom too soon. This can lead to accidents that are related to destructive chewing and housetraining. It is good to close off doors to those rooms that are not occupied and use baby gates to section areas of the house if it is required. One of the ways to minimize such incidences is keeping your dog close to you in the house or even using a dog safe area where you are not required to supervise them in an active manner.

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To ensure that you get the best results in dog training in Singapore, it is advisable that you hire a dog trainer to help you in the process. Dog trainers in Singapore have the ability to understand your dog and apply the right Singapore dog training strategies that will allow your dog to learn in an effective manner without a lot of problems in the process.

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