How to Carry out Dog Behaviour Training in Singapore

Your dog is a great pet that require to be trained in the right way. By training your dog in the right way, it will be possible for you and him to have a great company that you will also enjoy. Having a great friendship with your dog is key to ensuring that you also have a good life. Just like you train your kids on how they need to behave; the same way should happen to your dog. It is good to train your dog to have good behaviour that will ensure that you do not get into conflict with it often. You are also in a better position to develop strong relationship with a dog that is well disciplined. When doing dog behaviour training in Singapore, you can decide to do it by yourself or hire a trainer to do it on your behalf. The choice you make depends as to whether you have the right training knowledge and skills. To ensure that you are at the top of the game when doing dog behaviour training in Singapore, here are some tips you need to follow.

Select your dog’s name wisely and show respect to it

Just like it happens to a person, the name you give to your dog in Singapore, gives him identity. You need to choose a name that you love so that you can also be in a position to respect it and be motivated to call the dog often. For the task of the training, it is vital to select a short name that ends with a powerful consonant. This makes it possible for you to say the name in a better way so that the dog can hear it in a clear way. There is also more emphasis when you give your dog a name ending with a strong consonant which makes the dog remember it. It is good to consider the situation in which your dog has come from. If he has been in an abusive situation, it is advisable to change the name in order to give it a fresh beginning. The good thing is that dogs are highly adaptable animals, so even if you change the name he will adapt and be used to it quickly. When choosing the name, it is also important that you choose a name that is associated with fun and pleasant things instead of names that demonstrate negativity. If you show your dog that you respect his name, he will also respect you and make the dog behaviour training in Singapore simpler.

dog behaviour training singapore

Decide on the house rules

It is important that you train your dog to respect the house rule to follow. If you have a dog that cannot follow house rules you can be assured that you he will just be a nuisance to you and even your visitors. It is good to train your dog what he can do and what not to do when in the house. Some of the rules include where to sit, where to sleep and all the limits. During dog behaviour training in Singapore, it is advisable that you settle on the rules early, to ensure there is no confusion.

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Set a private den for the dog

For proper behaviour training to happen, you dog should have his own room. From as early as you can, make sure that you provide your dog with his private sleeping place that is not used by anybody else in your home or any other pet. The periods when he is left alone will be of great importance for safety and comfort. Make sure you reward your dog when he remains quiet and relaxed. His den which in most cases is a crate will be a great tool for dog behaviour training in Singapore.

Assist your dog to relax when he comes home

When your dog arrives home, it is advisable to give it a warm water bottle and have a ticking clock close to his sleeping place. This helps in imitating the heartbeat and heat of his litter and will allow him stay well in the new place. This is also a great way to sooth a dog that might have passed through rough times in the past. As you perform dog behaviour training in Singapore, do whatever you can to help him be more comfortable in his new home and this will be of great benefit to both of you.

Teach the dog to come when called

A great way to train your dog to behave well is to teach him to come when called. This is part of obedience training that need to be incorporated in behavior training for your dog. This will help to reinforce your alpha status. You need to move to its level and ask him to come using his name. When he agrees to come, it is advisable you use positive reinforcement. By doing this you will realise the benefits of perfecting this type of command as early as possible.

Reward good behavior

Rewarding good behavior is also a great part of dog behaviour training in Singapore. When you reward him for showing good behavior, you will encourage the dog to continue behaving in the right way. You can do this by using toys, treats and also heaping praise. Likewise, you should never reward bad behavior to avoid confusing him.

dog behaviour training in Singapore

Discourage your dog from nipping and biting

Biting and nipping are two behaviors you have to discourage your dog. Instead of scolding him, the best way is to pretend that you have felt a lot of pain when he bits or nips you. By doing this, your dog will be surprised and he will stop this behavior.

End the training positively

Every dog behaviour training in Singapore session must end with a positive note. The dog might have worked hard to please you during the whole training session. Therefore, it is advisable to leave him with lots of treat, praise, some petting or give him about five minutes of play.

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